Some Good News About Jesus

We are "Christians": followers of Christ  according to the Bible. This message has three parts: The Way to Know Truth, The Way to be Saved, and The Way to Follow Christ.

I. The Way to Know Truth is: The Bible. The Bible is the sole canonical document of Biblical Christianity, serving as our only authoritative Statement of Faith and Doctrinal Statement. Therefore, all our Christian beliefs and values must come straight from the Bible.

The main focus of the whole Bible is to point us to Christ so we can be saved.

II. The Way to be Saved (straight from the Bible) is 3 points, as easy as A, B, C:

A. Admit you are a sinner

B. Believe in Jesus, that He is the Lord and He died and rose again to save us

C. Call on God by praying in Jesus' name, and ask Him to save you

(See: Romans 10:9, Acts 16:31, John 3:16, Romans 6:23, etc.)

Once someone has been saved, they need to continue to follow Christ, in a way that is fitting for the way we were saved.

III. The Way to Follow Christ (also from the Bible) is 5 points:

1. Bible: Keep on listening to and following it (John 8:31,32)

2. Prayer: Ask God for what you want His help with, and thank Him for what He does

3. Meet: Regularly get together and do these things with other followers (Hebrews 10:25, Acts 2:42)

4. Confess: Tell the truth about the wrong you've done (1 John 1:9)

5. Tell Others: Share the way to be saved and follow God with everyone, as somebody shared it with you (Matthew 28:19,20)

There are more things that can be said with a message like this one*, and variations on ways of saying them, but this this simple e is provided in hope it will be a useful outline.

*Addition: For example, as you study the Bible you will see that we have been given two "special activities" to do, to show our faith:

1. Immersion in Water

2. Taking part in The Bread and Cup of Remembrance

Also deserving of honorable mention, is: worshipping and praising the Lord, including with singing.

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