Have you ever seen...

Isaiah 43:21
This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.

Have you ever been to The Meeting Place?

Have you ever stood together in the great crowd of people, singing, and praying with them?

Have you ever heard joy-filled the voices of brothers and sisters in Christ, raised freely, in sincere adoration?

Have you ever felt the Presence of God and His Holy Spirit, known the Peace, been filled with His Righteousness, and had the Hope to see His face?

Look now.

Where are the voices? Where are the faces? Where are the smiles? Where's the zeal, the joy, and the Love? It's all so homesick, so lonely, so sorrowful, so bitter, so cold, and so dead! Maybe you've never been there.

I have. I've had a taste of heaven, and I'll never look. Despite my own sins, I've caught a glimpse of something exceedingly great, and I've just begun to enter in. Though none go with me, still I will follow- no turning back.

We've forsaken one another, slid back, and forgotten our First Love!

Who will carry the torch of His Testimony?

Will we let His royal banner fall, battered, in the dust, and look the other way? Yes, and we have, haven't we? But He never will.

He has a plan to do a great work, in His people, His Bride, today, on the earth! He's looking for those who groan in their hearts, with the exceeding great pain, of the House, now completely desolate and forsaken. Heed the call. Take the torch. Lift the flag. Raise the standard! Shout it out. Don't refrain for a moment, the all-mighty message, if you dare to believe it!

Doesn't a calling from him continue to whisper, naggingly in your cold heart?


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