Most Blogs are Jokes

I don't know how many people have asked me "What is a blog?" One thing you have to understand when you're reading a blog, is that they're generally to be taken very lightly. My blog is much deeper and heavier than most. I try to bring a lot of serious issues home to people. Most people just post whatever they feel like posting. I do that sometimes too. If a guy feels like saying that Condelezza Rice would make a better President than Tom Osborne or Arnold Schwarzenegger (and she would,) he should be able to post that without offending Husker and Terminator fans. If a guy thinks that bottled water isn't any more healthy than any other water, (it's just the worst scam since CD Rewinders,) he should be able to post that without offending bottled water consumers. A guy shouldn't loose his job for saying that the snacks at his current company aren't as good as the snacks at his last company. Most blogs are jokes.

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