Not to do Mine Own Will

John 6

v1-13 An insufficient supply filled the hungry.
v14-21 Do not be afraid.
v22-27 The people were selfish when Jesus had compassion to give them a gift.
v28-40 Jesus Himself, not a miracle, is the reason to believe.
v41-58 God's Word itself is the life, and He gave eternal life to whoever would believe the Word.


v27 Don't work to get something to satisfy your body. Instead, work hard to believe in Jesus and His death for our eternal life.

v35,53 Eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus was just an image that meant coming to Him and believing on Him, Who would die for us.

v37,40 "Every one"- Even if you've done the worst sins and have excuses and are afraid it's too late for you. There's no way Jesus will throw you out if you come to Him.

v38Jesus didn't come to do His own will. He came to do God the Father's will. We should be like this too.


For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.
My application was to go outside at lunch hour, and walk around the neighborhood a little bit, and try to preach the gospel to people so that they could be saved. There were more than 7 people out, but I was too chicken to talk to all of them. The Lord brought me 1 person to talk to, gave me boldness, and put His Word in my mouth to tell the person a tiny bit about Jesus.

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