Am I Really God's Servant?

I was thinking about Psalm 119:121-125.
  1. My eyes fail for Your salvation.

    My eyes fail for Your salvation, and for the Word of Your righteousness.
    (From v123.)

    Do you even care if people get saved? We should want people to be saved, and we should preach the gospel. We should pray for it.

  2. I have done judgment and justice.

    There are people who are in big trouble. They're lost. They need saved. There are people appointed to die. They're old. They're very sick. There are unborn babies at abortion clinics. There are people who aren't walking with the Lord.

    We should do what we can, and preach the gospel, and preach the Word. We should pray, write, call, or whatever we can do. Can you honestly say, "I have done judgment and justice"?

  3. I am Your servant.

    I was thinking about praying these verses to the Lord like a prayer from myself. I came to parts like these.
    Be surety for Your servant for good...
    (From part of v122a.)
    Deal with Your servant according unto Your mercy...
    (From part of v124a.)
    I [am] Your servant...
    (From part of v125a.)

    Will the Lord deal with you according to His mercy? Or, is salvation far from you? When we pray and cry to the Lord, and look for His help, will the Lord help us? Will He hear us and be near us?

    Seek His Word, and His salvation. Do judgment and justice.

    Am I Really God's Servant?

This is based on notes I originally took at 2006 09 09 1100.

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