Weeping for His Punishment

Isaiah 15:5

My heart shall cry out for Moab; his fugitives [shall flee] unto Zoar, an heifer of three years old: for by the mounting up of Luhith with weeping shall they go it up; for in the way of Horonaim they shall raise up a cry of destruction.
There's a glorious difference between Zion and the nations that aren't the Lord's. In the day of the Lord, we, His people, will greatly rejoice! We will rejoice in His righteousness, and rejoice to see His loving face. But He will punish the wicked, even all of the nations. Isaiah 15 mentions weeping, crying, and howling, again and again.

Oh, that were more zealous for His day! Even to cry for our sins today, that our garments might shine with His Righteousness when He comes!

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