Give me a Word!

It was several weeks ago, and it was late. Most of my family were in bed sleeping.

I was in the Dining Room, and I was praying for somebody (I do that sometimes.)

I was very worried and upset. I was very, very upset. I was very upset. You get the picture.

For a second, I thought, maybe I should ask the Lord to show me a vision or a sign. Then I thought, no, the devil has the power to show visions and signs, that wouldn't be sure enough.

What would be sure enough? The Word of God is the only thing I completely trust. It's a sure thing. I thought I would ask for a Word from the Lord. A special Word, just for me. I assumed, if He answered, I might find a passage in my Bible answering my prayers.

I prayed something like, "Father, I don't ask for a sign or a vision, Lord, give me a Word, Lord, please give me a Word!"

Not really realizing that my prayers would have any effect, I saw immediately saw a piece of plastic wrap lying on the table. I remembered, somebody had 2 left-over pancakes wrapped in that plastic, but now they were gone. I was a bit angry that she (and everybody else) had left the plastic lying there this whole time, and I was still upset about my prayer request. I snatched it up to throw it away before I went to bed.

When I picked up the piece of plastic, I could see the name of the person, written on the piece of plastic, backwards, because I was holding it facing away from myself. I remembered that her first name had been written on it. I turned the plastic around to look at the name forwards. At that moment I was praying that the Lord would give me a Word.

Her name happens to be Hope.

Here I was, holding the Word Hope in my hands- just the Word I needed. Praise the Lord! I crushed that plastic inside of my hand.

I took that piece of plastic wrap with me, folded it up neatly, and kept it. I still have it now.

Jeremiah 33:3
Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.
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