Bible Reading Marathon

I was reading Ezekiel when I started reading in Mark in the New Testament, and just kept reading. Then I read the rest of the gospels- and decided to read the entire New Testament as fast as I could. The epistles went by really fast. I think I finished the whole New Testament in about 1 month.

To keep myself awake, I drink coffee or something, scroll down the page one line at a time, read it out loud (but that slows me down,) or listen to music. Otherwise I keep falling asleep and then trying to start reading again, and can't get anywhere.

I had just read Proverbs through Ezekiel (all this year, I think,) so I decided to read the rest of the Old Testament - Ezekiel through Malachi first, then Genesis through Psalms. I was in 2nd Corinthians when I had the idea for a Bible Reading Marathon.

I think 2 of my friends also happened to be reading in 2nd Corinthians. Both of them agreed to race me to Proverbs. I read for about 1 hour every day, more some days, and less on others. It took me about 2 days to read Genesis, and 2 days to read Esther and Job. After Proverbs, I decided to keep going all the way back to Ezekiel.

I just finished Lamentations this morning.

I've also been trying to study about 1 chapter per day, and I started Genesis in that, about 3 weeks ago. (But I'm only to Genesis 10 today!)

The genealogies and architecture are really difficult, but it sure is a good way to encourage people to listen for the Word of God, and it's a much better use of time than many other things, like novels, other books, movies, sports, web surfing, and TV. Think about having a Bible Reading Marathon yourself, or with your family and friends!

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