John 10 Summary

v1+ They know His voice
v7+ Enter in by the door
v19+ In the porch at winter
v25+ Never plucked out of His hand
v30+ Jesus is God
v37+ Many believed on Him

v3 The sheep hear the shepherd's voice, and he leads them.

Jesus loves us and gave His life for us and saved us. He truly cares for each of us in a very special way, and nobody will ever pluck us out of His hand. We don't have to worry that we won't know what to do, to follow Him or find the things we need, the pasture. We won't miss out on Him or any of the good things He's promised to give us.

He has promised that He will send us His calling with His voice, and He will lead us. When we need to know what to do, and which way to go, and when we have needs, He Himself cares for us, and He will lead and provide.

My application is to rejoice and be glad in singing hymns.

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