Acts 5 Summary - "they ceased not"


v1-11 You've not lied to men, but to God.
v12-16 "...they were healed every one."
v17-25 "early in the morning"
v26-33 "witnesses of these things"
v34-39 "if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to" [nothing]
v40-41 "worthy to suffer"
v42 "they ceased not"


Acts 5:30,31 There are certain things 4 us to tell people, that will turn them to righteousness.

1Cor 1:18 That preaching is foolishness to them which perish, so that tempts us to cease, because we know we would look foolish and suffer shame.

Daniel 12:3 The reward we've been promised is worth suffering for.

The reason were counted worthy to suffer shame, was because Jesus Christ was what they taught and preached, and that's His name. We have a chance that we could be counted, *worthy to suffer*.


v42 Have you ceased to teach and preach Jesus Christ? "...they ceased not."

There are people every day that you can tell the good news, without even knocking on a door.

What do you teach and preach? Make sure that Jesus Christ is what you're teaching and preaching.

Are you threatened? Or beaten? Don't cease.

Do you suffer? Rejoice.

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