Acts 6 Summary - Give Yourself Continually


v1-4 The Priority of the Word of God and Prayer
v5-15 "a man full of faith"


v2 Teaching and preaching the Word of God is very important.

Giving food to poor disciples is a good thing. I've done little good things before, as excuses to stop telling people the good news. I think of the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42).

Prayer and the serving of the Word is more important than other business.


v4 I know the Lord wants me to serve Him in the Word and prayer. At other times, He also wants me to help make and serve food, and take care of clothes, and all that good stuff.

When it's time for the more important business, of prayer and the Word, I'm not going to leave it, to do other good little things.

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