1 Timothy 4:1-5 "the words of faith and of good doctrine"

"Doctrine" means things that people teach. Not all doctrine is good.

Remember to Receive Good Teaching, Not Bad Teaching.

  1. Going Away From Believing

    (v1) some shall depart from the faith
    Remember that some people go away from believing. I'm concerned that some of you would go away from believing. Please don't.
    giving heed
    Don't pay attention to bad doctrine. People who go away from believing pay attention to bad teaching.
    (v2) Speaking lies in hypocrisy
    Don't listen to people who say things that aren't true, according to what the Bible says. Don't listen to people who are hypocrites.

    If you speak lies, this is about you. If you pretend to be good, like a hypocrite, this is about you. Don't speak lies in hypocrisy. These are things that people who go away from believing, do.

    (v3) believe and know the truth
    Believe and know the truth, instead of departing from the faith, and speaking lies.
  2. Receive With Thanksgiving, Don't Refuse

    (v3) abstain from meats
    Watch out for people emphasizing exercises of the body, like not tasting certain things. That's a bad teaching.
    created to be received with thanksgiving
    God made good things so that we would receive them, and thank Him.
    (v4) every creature of God [is] good
    God is good, and He Loves us. That's why He made everything.
    nothing to be refused
    It's good for us to receive what the Lord wants us to receive, instead of refusing it.
    if it be received with thanksgiving
    Remember to thank the Lord for your food, and for everything.
  3. The Word of God and Prayer

    (v1) Now the Spirit speaketh expressly
    These Words in the Bible are from the Spirit of God.

    Good doctrine, is what the Bible teaches.

    Remember these things- this is good doctrine.

    doctrines of devils
    Don't just go somewhere that people will teach you (doctrines.)

    Listen to people who teach you what the Bible says (good doctrine.)

    (v5) it is sanctified
    The reason it's OK for us to receive the things God made, is because of the Word and prayer. The Word and prayer are good things to hang on to.
    Remember to pray (especially when you eat.)
    the Word of God
    Remember the Word of God. (It's our Spiritual food.)

    The Bible is how you can listen to the Spirit of God instead of to devils who will trick you. Paying attention to what the Bible says, is the way to tell what doctrine is good.

Remember to Receive Good Teaching, Not Bad Teaching.

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