Trust in the Living God

  1. Salvation

    1 Timothy 4:10 ends,
    ...the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe.
    The thing that makes the difference between whether you're saved or not, is whether you believe.

    See John 3:36.

    I want to make sure that your soul is really saved. Salvation must be through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

  2. Hard Times

    1 Timothy 4:10 begins,
    For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach...
    There's a reason we have to work hard, and labor in the Lord's work. There's a reason for our suffering.

    See Acts 14:22.

    We must have much trouble in order to enter into the kingdom. Keep believing that Jesus is the Lord, and that He will reward you.

  3. Trust

    1 Timothy 4:10 says, in the middle,
    ...trust in the living God...
    Trust in the Lord.

    See Proverbs 3:5.

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