Psalm 28 - Outline

We need the Lord to hear us and to speak to us
Making a distinction between ourselves and the wicked, who will be punished
The Lord will destroy the wicked because they do not care about or pay attention to what He is doing
Making request to the Lord with our voice, not just silently
The Lord is my strength
Praying for the Lord's people

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  1. I think I was about 8 years old when I read verse 6... I took it pretty literally and also was very rigid about it - I went around for days thinking that every time I prayed I had to do it "out loud"... this led to quite a bit of muttering as I went about my day-to-day for a few days. Obviously the idea of the "voice" of my supplication can be taken way overboard, but I think we tend to swing too far the other way - praying silently more often than we should. There about speaking out loud that makes it distinct from praying silently - I think there are times when the Lord calls us to pray this way and when we don't obey, it can lead to ineffective prayers.


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