On Wheels

Watch out when you're on or near the road-

I've been driving!

I've been practicing in traffic more and more, and had all kinds of good experience- driving at night, switching lanes, curves, bumps, other crazy drivers screaming their heads off at me, water (a lot of water,) a little wind, gravel, pedestrians, and a little black squirel. I actually had the discipline to ignore him and not swerve or anything- Thank the Lord the cute little guy happened to get away. On the other hand, I saw a few bumper stickers on vehicles I wanted to hit... but resisted.

I was worried because my learners permit was set to expire on a certain date. But then when I got it out that day, thinking, Oh Brother, now it's expired, I was surprised that it had more time left on it.

I had forgotten that when the DMV had my name spelled wrong, and I got a new card to correct it, they gave me more time. Praise the Lord, that was His goodness. By the way, the reason I capitalize the two A's in the middle of isAAc is so people will be able to spell it correctly.

I've been praying for safety when I drive, and so far I haven't had an accident- even going 45mph (where it was legal, of course.) I might have to replace the tires on the left side of the car though- hitting all those curbs is rather tough on them!

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