Revenge of the Scythe

I won't be going to see the Dark Side unleashed. "Don't you like Star Wars movies?" I loved Star Wars like a maniac! I wonder now, as I type this, if it's really worth missing out on all the "innocent fun." What will my friends think? Will I have any "friends" if I act like this? The scorner's voices come to my mind: "You self-righteous hypocrit. You're just trying to look better than the rest of us. You need to loosen up. Have some fun." The fact is, there's nothing, and nobody worth loving like a maniac, except one person. Jeremiah 10:16
The portion of Jacob [is] not like them: for he [is] the former of all [things]; and Israel [is] the rod of his inheritance: The LORD of hosts [is] his name.
Jesus Christ Himself is Everything. There was a man, born to a virgin, at just the right time. He is the Chosen One. He loves a real living person, whom He seeks for Bride. The Church, His Bride's body, is made of the believers in the Lord Jesus Christ called out into Assembly together. Her single Spirit, the Holy Ghost, makes Her alive. We aren't earthlings. We've been adopted, and spiritually reborn into the family of The King of Kings Who sits in heaven. There is a war going on in the stars. We wage war on our enemies, the kingdom of darkness, under The Lord's banner of Love. Our story is ancient, from long, long ago, and beyond the farthest reaches of outer space. Only we True Believers bear the Sword of the True Word of God, which is a fiery, flaming sword of Light. We run without getting weary, and walk without fainting. The vengeance and darkness is coming. There is an evil deceiver, in charge of the realm, the prince of the power of the air. According to the Bible, he is "the god of forces." He has purposed to hunt down and destroy every last one of the Knights and Princesses of Light. He uses anger, and hatred, and fear. We, alone, have The True Love of God! We're willing to give up everything, even our own lives so that senseless fools who hate us, may win, and live, and be blessed! You can get all there is, and be miserable still, be nobody can stop you from giving. This is real and true. There's a reign in the Millenial Council reserved just for those of us who are beheaded by #666! #666 will come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries. He will show all kinds of signs and lying wonders. He will make fire come down out of heaven in men's sight. His false prophet will bring his image to life, and the living image will speak. He will have a wound in his head as if he'd been killed, and people will wonder that he's yet alive. He will look stronger than his peers. His empire of claws and iron teeth will be exceedingly dreadful and fierce, to tread down the whole earth, and tear it to shreds. He will rule over every kindred, and tongue, and tribe, and nation. They will stomp on the stars (extra-terrestrial objects,) like treading on the ground. He will cause some of us to fall by the sword and the flame. Welcome to real life in Christ. Real people are laughing. Real people are crying. Real people are loving. Real people are dying. How can I find the hours of violent lust, murder, and cursing, to be entertaining? Whatsoever things are lovely, think on these things. We have A New Hope now, because we have The Plan!

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