We always wanted a dog. Unfortunatly we used to rent a house where the landlord said no dogs.

Our relatives had a little puppy named "Blackie," and we made good friends with him, and were sorry to see him sold. One of my brothers particularly missed Blackie and prayed for a little black dog.

More recently another one of my brothers decided he wanted a dog, and when he prayed he prayed for a dog. "What a stupid thing to pray." I thought. "Ye ask amiss that ye may consume it upon your lusts." I wouldn't say Amen.

Papa said "The only way we're going to get a dog is if somebody brings one up to the door and says, Here's a free dog!"

I thought about how I hadn't been saying amen to my brother's prayers, and thought, "hmm... why not? So I prayed, If it's Your will, let us have a dog."

People were playing in the backyard, and the neighbor was over with his little black dog. He said, "We don't want this dog and want to get rid of it. Do you want it?" Somebody told him, you'll have to go up and ask. So he came up to the door with the little black dog, and said "Here's a dog we don't want, you can have him for free, do you want him?"

So that's how we got our dog.

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