"Give me one person tonight!"

I was pacing back and forth in the parking lot in front of the office I used to work, waiting for papa to come pick me up.

It says if any man is afflicted, let him pray, and I was definitely afflicted :-) I thought of how we had been planning to go to the Retirement Home with our friends and sing and share the gospel that night. We had been practicing our songs for a while.

"Lord," I prayed, "Give me one person tonight!" It was an incredible moment as I poured out such a determined plea. So many times before we had gone to preach the gospel praying that "at least one could be saved"- and saw none. "Father, please give me one person tonight!"

I never ever saw anybody come to the Lord Jesus before from me preaching the gospel.

As we were singing and some people said some things, I was looking around the room praying for each person as I saw them- "Lord, please save that person, right now, if he isn't saved!"

Before we just ran out I wanted to talk to people- I talked to a few different people. I went over to one man in a chair and started talking to him. I guess he doesn't have any relatives. I told him the gospel, and the way to be saved. I said "Would you like to do that now?" He said "Yes." I said something like "You can pray something simple, like, God, In Jesus' name, save me."

He repeated the words. I talked with him a little more. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. It was just the most incredible thing ever. I was so glad!

It wasn't until later that I remembered pacing back and forth, praying, "Give me one person tonight!"

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