Lord, Pl-

I was standing of the doorway of the garage, with the garage door open. I had seen a bunch of weeds earlier and wanted to cut them down with the weed cutter.

I had just read Jeremiah 33:3, which I really, really love. I was trying to make a song out of it, and singing the words over and over again in my head.

Call, upon me
And I will answer thee
And I will show you things
Great and mighty things
That thou knowest not-
That thou knowest not.

I looked in the corner where the weed whacker belonged. It wasn't there. I called to my brother, and asked him if he had moved it or knew where it was. He didn't. I thought, "I can't find it by just standing here and looking- I have to move things around." So I started moving things around, and still couldn't find it.

I suddenly realized what I was singing as I couldn't find the weed whacker. "I know! I'll pray and the Lord can help me find the weed whacker!" I thought. I believed it. I was going to pray something like "Lord, please help me find the weed whacker."

"Lord, Pl-"

As I was starting to pray before I could actually ask, I looked at what was in front of my eyes, and saw what faintly resembled, right there on the floor of the garage in between a bunch of stuff, a part of the weed whacker. "No, that can't be it- it's too long and bent." I reached down and pulled out- the weed whacker. Praise the Lord! Like papa says, "If you can find something in our garage, that is a miracle!"

It doesn't always work that way- like I prayed with a neighbor who lost her keys and we still couldn't find them. But if the Lord isn't showing you great and mighty things, it's because you aren't calling on Him.

Another time I knocked down something my brother had tacked up on the wall. Which meant there was a tack on the floor, which wasn't too good either. I looked a lot and prayed a lot, and finally ended looking, but never doubted the Lord. Just as I was leaving, I found the tack like I had prayed.

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