The Contrast Between Believers and the Lost

Here are some notes about the contrast between believers and the lost.

Gen31:3 "I will be with thee"
v6 "With all my power."
v41,42 Laboring with his hands for 20 years in affliction, God was with him. He had an inheritance, and wasn't empty.
33:5 "God has graciously given."
John3:36 Rescued from wrath, continue in faith.
8:34 From a different kingdom, of slavery.
12:42,43 Confession: deadly, worth dying for. personal, not magic words.
Acts26:13-17,18 See the turning, difference, power, inheritance, and faith.
Rom1:18 There's that word, "wrath" again.
10:9 confess, believe. This is the gospel. Notice the resurrection.
v13 call. Like prayer to receive salvation.
Phil3:14 There's a prize.
Col3:24 There's a reward of inheritance.
Heb10:23 Faith should continue.
v24-27 There's indignation.
v32 Endure. There's affliction.
v34 A better and enduring substance- the inheritance.
v35 faith, patience, and hope. There's a reward.
v36 Have patience, there's a promise.
v38 live by faith- continual, not just at salvation.
v39 believe.
1Peter1:3 The hope is, by the resurrection!
v4-8 inheritance


wrath, slavery, destruction
faith, patience, confession
the resurrection
our Inheritance



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