who are we to accuse God?

Romans 9


Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed [it], Why hast thou made me thus?

Sometimes people like to directly accuse God of all kinds of atrocities. They say, If He's so kind, then how can He let bad things happen?, or, If He has justice then why does He judge people who don't know any better than sinning?

I have a question for you. Who are you to accuse God of being unkind or unjust? He is the great, all-powerful God, who created heaven and earth, and He can do whatever He wants. We can't tell Him, You can't do this, or, You must do that. Are we greater than Him? Certainly not.

It is His mercy that's unfair- because it's so great, even greater than we deserve. God is perfect, and He doesn't delight in bad things happening to people, even wicked people dying. By choosing to sin, we've brought all the bad things that happen upon ourselves, and they're our own fault. They're not God's fault.

He Loves us so much He offers the free gift of salvation and everlasting life, to everyone in the world. Everyone in the world has a conscience, and therefore, has a chance, so nobody is really innocent.

The great God who knows everything, and can do whatever He wants, is more just and kind than we can wrap our human minds around. He even works out bad things for good for people who love Him. So, we mere mortals have no place accuse the Lord. That would be like a pot saying to a pottery-maker, Why have you made me like this?

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