2 Corinthians 8


For [I mean] not that other men be eased, and ye burdened:

When we give money to people for the Lord, the intention isn't that we end up with less than we need, ourselves. People who have more than they need, are supposed to give cheerfully to people who need more than they have.

The Lord doesn't give us more than we need so we can have more than we need. He gives it to us so we can have the blessing of giving it to others who are in need of it.

Now some people disagree with my opinion, but I don't feel that people in the Church who are in need, or in debt, should generally give to others who aren't as much. Why should a person who already might find himself on the receiving end of charity, give away even more money, when it isn't really necessary? For there to be equality, the money would only end up being given back. Wouldn't it be more efficient if the relatively rich people were more generous, and the relatively needy people were more humble, and willing to receive?

We shouldn't give more than our means, feeling like we have to. We shouldn't feel like God wants us to feel bad when we give, like He would be pleased with that. We're supposed to be cheerful givers.

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