1 Peter 3 - Summary

This chapter starts out talking about husbands' and wives' behavior. In v1-6, it talks about the good behavior that wives should have, and how wives can even win over their husbands to the Lord by their good behavior. It talks about submission and putting the emphasis on having an excellent heart instead of on having an excellent outward appearance. v7 talks about the kind of behavior that husbands should have toward their wives.

Next, after husbands and wives, the chapter talks about the kind of good behavior that all believers should have. We should return blessing and good for evil (v9), and pursue peace (v11). It is important for us to remember to not speak evil, and to maintain honesty (v10).

This chapter bring up an interesting point about prayers being heard or hindered (v7,12). It is possible for prayers to be hindered because of our evil behavior, and it is possible for the Lord's ears to be open to our prayers because of righteousness. A powerful prayer life goes with having a life of holiness.

Then, in the 6 verses from v13-18, there is much instruction for everybody about suffering. Since we're going to have to suffer in life anyway, it is better to maintain a clear conscience and suffer for doing good and following the Lord, than to just get the suffering we deserve for our sins. If we suffer for the Lord, He will be with us and help us through it, and repay us abundantly afterward. We have Christ as an example of suffering for righteousness (v18).

Finally, this chapter talks about the gospel, and about preaching the gospel. We should always be ready to preach the gospel (v15), especially to answer people about our hope when they ask us. (And that is even when we're suffering.) This good old message is all about how Christ suffered and died for our sins, and rose again from the dead (v18,21). He gives us a good conscience by spiritual baptism (v21), as water baptism is a symbol like Noah's flood. And now, He has gone up to heaven and is exalted far above all (v22).

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