don't talk too much

Job 35


Therefore doth Job open his mouth in vain; he multiplieth words without knowledge.

One problem Job had was multiplying words without knowledge. If I don't know about something, I shouldn't talk about it too much. One saying is, "If you don't know, don't say." I'd like to add to that, "If you don't know too much, don't say too much."

From: Take My Life and Let It Be

By Frances Havergal, 1874 and Hen­ri Ma­lan, 1827
Take my life, and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee.
Take my moments and my days; let them flow in ceaseless praise.
Let them flow in ceaseless praise.

Take my hands, and let them move at the impulse of Thy love.
Take my feet, and let them be swift and beautiful for Thee.
Swift and beautiful for Thee.

Take my voice, and let me sing always, only, for my King.
Take my lips, and let them be filled with messages from Thee.
Filled with messages from Thee.
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