Job 36


Take heed, regard not iniquity: for this hast thou chosen rather than affliction.

When I have a choice between sin and discomfort, I should choose the discomfort. We shouldn't be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

From: The Master Hath Come

By Sar­ah Doud­ney, 1871 and from Welsh mel­o­dy
The Master hath called us; the road may be dreary
And dangers and sorrows are strewn on the track;
But God’s Holy Spirit shall comfort the weary;
We follow the Savior and cannot turn back;
The Master hath called us, though doubt and temptation
May compass our journey, we cheerfully sing:
“Press onward, look upward,” through much tribulation;
The children of Zion must follow the King.
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