who will get mercy?

Proverbs 28


He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh [them] shall have mercy.

We shouldn't hide what we've done wrong. Instead, we must tell the truth about our sin. Not only that, we need to forsake our sins. Besides just confessing them, we need to stop doing them.

From: The Master Hath Come

By Sar­ah Doud­ney, 1871 and from Welsh mel­o­dy
The Master hath come, and He calls us to follow
The track of the footprints He leaves on our way;
Far over the mountain and through the deep hollow,
The path leads us on to the mansions of day:
The Master hath called us, the children who fear Him,
Who march ’neath Christ’s banner, His own little band;
We love Him and seek Him, we long to be near Him,
And rest in the light of His beautiful land.
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