A Thousand Thanksgivings

Please leave what you're thankful for in the comments! The idea is to get to one thousand things.

Dear God, Thank you for...

  1. mercy
  2. righteousness
  3. peace
  4. papas
  5. moms
  6. brothers
  7. sisters
  8. grandpas
  9. grandmas
  10. aunts
  11. uncles
  12. cousins
  13. sleep
  14. coffee
  15. caffeine
  16. dessert
  17. snacks
  18. breakfast
  19. lunch
  20. supper
  21. ice cream
  22. pizza
  23. spaghetti
  24. houses
  25. health
  26. computers
  27. web sites
  28. free software
  29. Internet access
  30. Google
  31. bank accounts
  32. stocks
  33. jobs
  34. education
  35. ...
(I was originally going to start this on 2007-11-21 07:38)

1 comment:

  1. Ministers of the gospel
    Permission to worship openly
    Saints (believers)
    Feet, legs, etc. -- pedestrian transportation
    And here's an obvious one: blogs


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