John 12 Summary


v3 What a different kind of life Mary was living, than we usually see today! When we who have fellowship with the Lord's children have the rare privilege to see something like this, how amazing it is!

I know I would have been really ashamed and afraid in that situation, but Mary was bold and brave. We shouldn't be ashamed of Jesus, and we shouldn't be afraid to show our Love for Him. We should care more about what He thinks, than what other people think. Perfect Love casts out fear.


v27 It's comforting when I'm troubled "in my soul," that Jesus Himself said "Now is my soul troubled."



Because that by reason of him many of the Jews went away, and believed on Jesus.
You notice that Lazarus didn't do anything! He just got sick and died, and Jesus raised him from the dead. It's the same way in our lives. We only bring our sickness of sin to the table, dreading the fiery anger of God and eternal death. Just like Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, it's a free gift, that God has just given to us, that we can receive everlasting life and the joyful hope of our inheritance in Him.

I want to be like Lazarus, so people say about me, "Because of him, many believed on Jesus."

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