John 15 - Love One Another


v1+ Live in Jesus like branches stay vines.
v9+ Love one another.
v18+ The world hates you. They will also persecute you, but He will send you a comforter, and you will be His witnesses.



Big branches were falling out of the tree in our backyard and breaking things, so we had the tree cut up into pieces and got rid of it. I've enjoyed breaking, chopping, and sawing branches to get rid of. Neighbors have seen the tree being cut down, because it was huge, and even asked about it. I had my pocket Bible with me, and a page kept blowing out of the Bible. I had to chase it down, and prayed I would find it. I found it, and it was at John 15. I said the page wouldn't abide in the Bible, like the branches wouldn't abide in the tree :-) I told our neighbors that we're all headed toward being chopped up into little pieces and thrown into the fire for burning because of our sin. That instead, we need to continue reading the Bible and believing the Word.

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

How can we forget to Love one another? Realize right now, if you never did before, that this is our whole battle. Remember that next time your mad at a brother or sister, and saying they're stupid or telling them to shut up. It's our job to overcome that, and it's the reason we're here now- to Love one another.


v9+ My application is to write this poem.
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