do you really believe that the Lord will answer?

Exodus 12


And thus shall ye eat it; [with] your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and ye shall eat it in haste: it [is] the LORD'S passover.

When we pray to the Lord for something, how much do we actually expect Him to answer? If the Lord suddenly answered all of our prayers in an instant, would we be ready?

Sometimes the answer to our prayers, and our deliverance from the Lord, seems like it is far off and won't happen any time soon. Instead of thinking that, we should behave today, like we really expect the Lord to answer our prayers at any moment.

Wouldn't it be a shame, if we were supposedly believing the Lord with such strong faith for something all this time . . . but, then, when the Lord did come through with it, we were caught off guard, and weren't ready? If we're praying to the Lord and believing Him for a great deliverance in our lives, then let's get ready.

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