Proverbs 4 - Key


My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.

Wickedness or wisdom, it starts with your ears. I know that when I shouldn't be watching a particular video, hearing it can draw me into further temptation to watch it. We need to special attention to what we listen to.

v21a & 25

Next, what we look at is important. It's hard to get a bad scene out of our minds once it's in our memory.

v21b & 23

In the middle of the pathway is the heart. We need to guard our hearts by guarding the ways into and out of our hearts.


The first and main pathway out of the heart is the mouth (Luke 6:45). If we want to be wise and not wicked, we need to pay special attention to speaking rightly (Psalm 141:3).

v26 & 27

CEF defines sin as anything you think, say, or do that does not please God. I've found that to be a useful definition for examining myself for sin. These last two verses are concerned with the last category of sin: Anything we do. I like the instruction in v27b, remove thy foot from evil.


According to v24, I'll work on having right speech, by not complaining.

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