Proverbs 18 - Summary

We should try to be people who have these words of wisdom, which are like brooks of water and satisfying fruit (v4,20,21). We shouldn't be fools, entering into contention with our speech (v6), or talebearers (v8), or speaking presumptuously (v13), or we'll end up destroying ourselves with our speech (v7). We should seek to get knowledge from what we hear (v15).

We should be humble (v11,12). We should pay attention to what other people think about things (v17) because we might think we're fine with it, but they can be more objective.

From (v19) I think it's so important to prevent offenses and contentions between brothers in the first place, and then when they've happened, we should start early and keep trying hard to win the brothers back. Using randomization, like flipping a coin, can be a way to settle a disagreement sometimes (v18). I like (v24a), because it shows if we want to have friends, there's a way to pursue that: to be a friend to people.

This is an encouraging promise: (v10)

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