Genesis 39 - Key


And she caught him by his garment, saying, Lie with me: and he left his garment in her hand, and fled, and got him out.

Joseph was willing to suffer the painful loss of sinful comfort and pleasure. He made a sacrifice, and even left his clothes behind. He wasn't too concerned about the results, even though his boss got furious with him and threw him into prison.

Sometimes we can feel so weak, powerless, and helpless against sinning. We might think, How did I fall into that so easily, when I really didn't want to? I didn't even think about it. It must be impossible for me to avoid. But other times, we can often recognize little moments of decision, where we're completely free to do what's right, if we really want to. That's when we need to make those right decisions, and that's how we'll escape those sins.

At a time like that, Joseph had the strength of heart and willpower to run from temptation. We should do the same.


Sometimes I have, moments of decision, when I'm trying to redeem the time, like to stop watching videos when I should be doing my work, or to get up on time in the morning when I feel like sleeping in. In those moments of decision, the Lord prompts me that I have the full knowledge that what I'm doing is wrong, and the full ability to do what's right if I really want to. If I keep doing it then, I know it'll be deliberate sin, and I'll have no excuse. That's when I'll work on being like Joseph and running from temptation.

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