Proverbs 24 - Highlights

v1,2, 19-22
don't envy the wicked
be strong, deliver the dying (applies to Pro Life, and praying for people)
how wisdom is like honey
getting back up when you fall down
don't be glad when something bad happens to your enemy
"unprovoked revenge" :)
"change": I looked up the word, and sometimes it has to do with, doing the same thing over again, a different way; changing your face, like a disguise; deceit, being a traitor, sometimes for one side, sometimes for another.
calling right, right, and wrong, wrong
work first, play later
the slothful

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  1. Before 2009-12-12, The section for v13,14 used to be called, "Surprising benefits of honey," but it has since been changed to "How wisdom is like honey."

    During Bible study discussion I came to understand these verses better, that they're not really talking about how good honey is, but the point is all about wisdom, and how it's good.


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