1 John 2 - Outline

Christ is our advocate if we sin
if we don't follow His Word and live like He lived, we don't really know Him and love Him
the way we can tell whether people are really in the light, is by whether they love their brethren
the three stages of a Christian:
  1. little children, who can start out knowing God as their Father, because they had their sins forgiven. Countries typically don't send little children to war, but young men.
  2. young men, who overcome the wicked one because they are strong. They're strong because they keep the Word abiding in them.
  3. fathers, who know God as the One who's been there from the beginning. When they come to the end, they still know God, like when they were little children, because when they were young men, they let the Word of God abide in them, they were strong, and they overcame the wicked one.
what the Bible really means when it talks about worldliness- things that really are sin:
  1. the love of our hearts being for the things that are only part of this present world
  2. things that are not of the Father
  3. things that are not the will of God
  4. lust and pride
we can tell who are antichrists, because they deny that Jesus is the Christ
we have an anointing of the Holy Spirit that we've received from God, and He abides in us and teaches us
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